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Hold Tight

Brandtailing™ is driving brand intention, while also driving next day sales. Your success lies in finding the formula to do both with no compromise to either. Better still, everything we do is measured against a business ROI.

Normal hours vary depending upon the employee's branch location, department and job assignment. However, all full-time, non-temporary, non-exempt employees are expected to work a minimum of eight (8) hours per day.

We can sum that up in one word…..Zmotion. It’s putting our clients before our company, and even ourselves. It’s understanding that while efforts count, results count more. It’s driving ourselves to do more than others would think possible. Then, never resting once we get there!

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we encourage our associates to grow professionally and prefer to promote within. Once you’ve acquired ZNA, and have what it takes to advance to the next level, Zimmerman’s HR Department will advise and guide you through the internal interview process. All you need to do is stay within each position for a minimum of one year and show continued positive performance.

Zimmerman’s Talent Acquisition team receives thousands of resumes in a week’s time. Having a resume that’s clear, concise, specific, detailed, relevant, and grammatically correct is the best way to get noticed immediately.

Nope, but we do require entry-level applicants to have a four-year college degree and a passion to work in the advertising industry. It is also advisable to know about Zimmerman as a whole and how the position you’re applying for fits into the organization and benefits our clients. What really impresses us is your dedication to the industry. Have you completed any internships?

At the bottom of the “Openings” page, there is a link to submit your resume along with a cover letter explaining your future intentions. Often times, we may have positions available that are not posted yet. Keep in touch with your Talent Acquisition Representative and follow up every couple of weeks. New positions open up all the time!

Zimmerman has been rated one of the fastest growing agencies in the country! We’re doing such a great job for our current clients that other companies are approaching us! Most all newly posted positions are, in fact, to support new client acquisitions!

The first step you should take is to research Zimmerman and the open, available positions listed online. Spend some time figuring out if advertising is in fact what you want. Next step is to write a convincing resume and schedule an interview with a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Before your interview, formulate questions about each position that interests you. Ask for an informational interview in order to gain a 360 degree view of the agency. Be honest with your TAS. They are professionals and will help you figure out if one of the positions at Zimmerman is right for you.

Zimmerman is the 15th largest full-service agency in the country, as well as the largest agency in the southeast. And on top of THAT…we are one of the fastest growing agencies in the country. We work with some of the best national companies in the US, produce award-winning campaigns on a daily basis AND are located in beautiful, sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Does it get much better than that? So you see, the more appropriate question would be, “why wouldn’t I want to work for Zimmerman?”

Imagine LL Cool J walking down the corridor of our offices on his way to meet with Jordan Zimmerman. What seems to be out of thin air, a Miniature Doberman Pincer runs down the hall towards LL Cool J. Barking and growling, the dog jumps in the air and bites LL on the leg. LL starts shaking the dog. Many employees hear the noise and leave their desks to see what the commotion is. Jordan leaves his office wondering why LL is late for their meeting and sees the horrendous spectacle in front of him. You can decide what the outcome is…but you get the general picture.

Pets are great when they are home in a controlled environment. But please keep them home!

We recognize that talented professionals live all over the country and may be asked to relocate to a regional office. While we are committed to finding the best talent in each of our offices, we do not offer relocation assistance for entry-level and junior-level positions. For mid-level and senior-level positions, each individual is treated as such and each scenario will be reviewed with a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Some people may say this is a “trick” question. In fact, not only is it a logical question, but it is part of our Employee Handbook. Jordan Zimmerman is highly allergic to colognes and perfumes; therefore, the best and correct answer would be NO colognes or perfumes whatsoever!

While certain positions require more travel than others, your manager may ask you to travel from time to time. Whether the purpose of the trip is to visit a client site, be a part of a creative pitch or simply to count customers walking through the door of your client’s establishment, always be ready for a planned trip!

You can view a summary of the company’s benefits by clicking on the “Benefits” button above.

Zimmerman is all for cool, hip, trendy styles and we encourage independence, however we are still a professional corporation providing a service to well-known clients across the nation. As a whole, we are a business casual environment and enjoy casual Fridays. What this means is…you can wear jeans and/or sneakers on Friday. What this ALSO means is that you MAY NOT wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops, shirts with offensive graphics or writing, or super mini skirts (4 fingers above the knees please).


Zimmerman's Most Wanted

Associate Media Director

Not only are you a strategic thinker with a hands-on management style, you are a master of planning skills. You're a team leader helping pave the road for professional growth and success, while always keeping the client out front. Are you ready for the challenge?


Account people service the client. Creatives come up with the ideas. Broadcast producers shoot the footage. But someone has to have the vision and the skill to make one heck of a results-oriented spot that our clients' are proud to run.

Media Planner

Do you like finding new ways to solve the same ol' media problem? Do you keep on top of the newest outlets available? Then our Media Planning department may be just the place for you.

Sr. Art Director

Visionary. Artist. Half of an incredibly creative team. Are you ready to stretch your brain to develop our clients' next great campaigns?

Sr. Copywriter

Retail hooks, tongue-in-cheek humor, rhetorical flourishes and sass and attitude are all tricks of the trade. Whether you're a whimsical wordsmith, a silver-tongued smooth criminal, or a juggler of journalistic juxtaposition - we're looking for the best.

Sr. Media Buyer

The opportunity to negotiate gets you up in the morning, getting the best rates possible for our client gets you psyched, pushing the media envelope is what drives you...yours is a style all your own.