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Hold Tight

The right words are hard to come by, unless of course, you work at Zimmerman. Here's what some of our associates have to say about the Zimmerman experience.

Phil Bannister
"No compromises! Zimmerman will teach you that the impossible is ALWAYS possible."

Felisa Becker
"Zimmerman offers a creative and team building spirit. This spirit allows us to achieve maximum results for our clients and for ourselves."

Juan Valente
"What it all comes down to is you either get it done, or you don't. No middle ground, no excuses.?"

Mark Latoria
"We're advertising ninjas who roam the retail landscape and assassinate our clients' competition. Are you a ninja?"

Eric Powers
"'24/7 seriously' isnt just a cute slogan on our business cards; our clients expect it and we deliver."

Nina Patel
"We're competitive by nature because we can be. We dare others to do better."

Fitz Cushnie
"Two important antecedents of success are dedication and resilience - demonstrate that you embody those qualities and already you will be performing above average, and on your way towards a promising career."

Vance Lyles
"Working at Zimmerman is exhilarating. There is never a dull day at the agency, and we're always moving at the speed of light. I love working with people who take pride in their work, and who strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients."

Elyse Ehlers
"Zimmerman has always been an inspiration to me and motivator to work my hardest. When you walk into the building every morning you feel a sense of pride and admiration, I'm lucky to work for such an amazing company."

Riccardo Sabioni
"The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness."

Max Barrios
"Failure is not an option!"

Joel Pirela
"Zimmerman will encourage you to think outside the box and you have the support of your teammates to achieve your goals."

Jason Wiggill
"Be passionate about your Client's business and always push to help them exceed their goals."

Lisa Rossi
"I enjoy working at Zimmerman because the opportunities are endless. Zimmerman has provided me new challenges and leadership roles to continue to excel in my career over the last ten years. If you believe in yourself and can define your goals, Zimmerman will be your stepping stone to success."
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Zimmerman's Most Wanted

Associate Media Director

Not only are you a strategic thinker with a hands-on management style, you are a master of planning skills. You're a team leader helping pave the road for professional growth and success, while always keeping the client out front. Are you ready for the challenge?


Account people service the client. Creatives come up with the ideas. Broadcast producers shoot the footage. But someone has to have the vision and the skill to make one heck of a results-oriented spot that our clients' are proud to run.

Media Planner

Do you like finding new ways to solve the same ol' media problem? Do you keep on top of the newest outlets available? Then our Media Planning department may be just the place for you.

Sr. Art Director

Visionary. Artist. Half of an incredibly creative team. Are you ready to stretch your brain to develop our clients' next great campaigns?

Sr. Copywriter

Retail hooks, tongue-in-cheek humor, rhetorical flourishes and sass and attitude are all tricks of the trade. Whether you're a whimsical wordsmith, a silver-tongued smooth criminal, or a juggler of journalistic juxtaposition - we're looking for the best.

Sr. Media Buyer

The opportunity to negotiate gets you up in the morning, getting the best rates possible for our client gets you psyched, pushing the media envelope is what drives you...yours is a style all your own.